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What does VTC stand for?

VTC stands for cutting edge, patented (or patent applied for) loudspeaker, subwoofer and horn technologies that push the envelope of what a modern day speaker system is capable of. Upon realizing our goals, we felt that our hard work in evolving concepts from a white board to reality spoke for itself, and as such, the name fell naturally into place: Vision To Creation.

I am experiencing problems getting my DLMS4080 to connect with ProControl via USB or RS232.

Some users have experienced connectivity issues the first time they connected their DLMS4080 to their computer via the RS232 or USB port to utilize the ProControl configuration suite for on screen editing. Download THIS pdf which outlines the proper procedures to remedy this and other related connectivity problems.

I have difficulty accessing the parameters on the front panel to perform edits on my DLMS4080. What am I doing wrong?

To access front panel LCD editing of parameters (gain, filter, phase etc) one must hold down either MENU button and press one of the channel MUTE buttons to open the parameter selection for the selected channel.

After changing a parameter setting the value will remain flashing. The modified value is actively affecting the current program as adjusted. You should also see the value change in ProControl if connected to a computer. To save the new value you must save the parameter program in the DLMS4080, or in ProControl. If by chance the DLMS4080 is turned off then back on again, the processor will return to its previous state before the power down and the temporary value should still be flashing.

I would like to set up a PC Ethernet connection to remotely operate my DLMS4080. Can I do this?

Remote operation of one or more DLMS4080's can be achieved via an Ethernet connection and/or router. For a step by step guideline on how to do this, please download THIS pdf and follow the instructions within.

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