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January 2014 - Ford Park - Beaumont Texas

A new VTC system consisting of EL210T array cabinets, EL212T subwoofers (flown using ELB-8 bumpers), and DLMS4080 processors powered with Yorkville AP4K power amplifiers has been installed by SMG in the Ford Park Arena in Beaumont Texas.

The replacement design was based on a modular concept, instead of a permanent install. This concept gives the venue the ability to reconfigure the system as needed. After the completion of phase one, the venue now operates with sixteen EL210's and four EL212's. The VTC enclosures are powered with ten AP4K amplifiers and controlled by the DLMS4080 system processor.

"We were honored to work with Ford Arena and the great staff at Yorkville\VTC," says Danny Broussard, Director of Operations for the venue. "Yorkville representatives Laurence Bell, Rick Fischio, and Darren Butt have been a huge part in a very successful installation of a new VTC speaker system for Ford Arena."

"All together the Yorkville\VTC gear has made an amazing improvement to the venue's sound," explains Sweet Southern Sound owner Clint Hill – responsible for the Ford Arena installation. "We were excited about the sound quality that the VTC boxes provided. They were easy to install, the rigging hardware was straightforward, and the performance is outstanding. We are looking forward to the second phase of this project and to other locations that we can expose to the performance of VTC."

November 2010 - Toronto, Ontario
New Low-Profile Dual 12-inch Co-axial Monitor added to VTC Line.

The new VTC C5 low profile wedge monitor is capable of delivering accurate reproduction and outstanding clarity from a very compact 1380 watt cabinet.

April 2010 - Toronto, Ontario
Barenaked Ladies Hit The Road with VTC Pro Audio Elevation Series Line Array.

VTC Pro Audio's Elevation Series Line Array System is delivering the Front-of-House mix to Barenaked Ladies fans in select arena venues on their upcoming Canadian tour.

February 2010 - Toronto, Ontario
So You Think You Can Dance Canada Tour Review - Professional Sound Magazine.

VTC's Elevation Series Line Array System was used by Metalworks Production Group for the entire "So You Think You Can Dance Canada" Canadian tour. Professional Sound magazine sent Lynsey Kitching down to check out the show and review the Elevation Series system that was utilized for the entire tour.

Download the full review in PDF format HERE.

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